All you need to know to complete your Artform Coding.

Artform coding is an essential part of contributing ticketing data to Audience Finder.

What is Artform Coding?

All organisations contributing ticketing data to Audience Finder are required to complete ‘artform coding’. This is a very simple process of assigning each of your performances an artform.

All our data contributors use the same standardised artform codes. This not only helps you to further understand how your audiences engage with the different events you programme but, when combined, can provide you with a full 360° view of how the public are engaging with arts and culture across the country. A truly powerful tool.

When assigning artforms, it is up to you which performances to include in your dashboard and ongoing analysis – any specific performances can be easily excluded. Excluding ‘performances’ that are not relevant to your core programme (e.g. Event hire, Car parking etc.) is essential to ensuring clean and accurate data for your reporting requirements.

Once complete, you will be able to filter all of your Audience Finder Box Office metrics by the different artforms and track how your audiences interact with these different aspects of your programme.

We have created an array of resources below to help you with your artform coding, enabling you to code better and faster.

If you need any further help, our Audience Finder community & support team are available 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday to answer any questions you might have.