Audience Finder Enhancements

Adapt Audience Finder to your specific needs with a range of Enhancements

Custom Groupings

Compare and collaborate with customised groupings

Benchmark your audiences against organisations in your area, those who share a similar creative output or even demographic wherever they are based.

Cost: Bespoke Groupings – £100 +VAT per organisation, per year with a minimum of three organisations.

Venue Splits

Understand the audiences for your multiple venues or different performance spaces.

If you have multiple spaces or venues, discover what the differences are between the audiences. Is it just based on product, or are there certain differences in venue loyalty which need to be addressed in your communications?

Cost: View by Venue or Auditoria Cost – £500 + VAT per year.

Bespoke Surveys & Themes

Customise your survey for greater flexibility and insight

In addition to the free Audience Finder survey, you can create tailored surveys or choose extra survey themes to cater to your specific needs.

You can also run additional surveys alongside one free standard survey in the Audience Finder dashboard.

Cost: Additional Survey Themes – £100 + VAT per theme per year for standard themes (please contact us directly for bespoke themes).
Additional Audience Survey – £250 + VAT per survey

How to order

To purchase any of the custom dashboard features please email Audience Finder or call 020 7260 2505.

Email to order your custom Audience Finder dashboard feature

For all additional dashboard features you must already be registered in Audience Finder. Please register here.