How to engage

The arts are an integral part of Commuterland Culturebuffs’ lives

Attending and socialising with friends, family and peers go hand in hand for them, so opportunities for them to be both artistically stimulated and to enjoy themselves socially need to be provided.

They are potentially time poor, value time as a resource, and will pay premium prices for offerings that they can be confident will provide high quality experiences.

Open to a wide variety of arts and cultural experiences, they have a preference towards the classical, although they can and are persuaded to attend contemporary, popular, mainstream and other cultural offerings. However, a large proportion may take some convincing to try something completely new or ‘risky’.

Heritage sites and events are important for this group and they feel a sense of custodial responsibility towards conservation of cultural heritage – 98% feel that heritage sites should be looked after. They consider that the arts and culture also play an important role in local communities, support public funding and make larger than average charitable donations to arts and cultural organisations and heritage sites.

Programme preferences

Programme offerings such as plays, musicals, opera, ballet and classical music are core artistic choices.

Guarantees of quality are important so classic or traditional productions and established performers and companies are popular. The endorsement of well-known and respected artists or experts will be well received.

They are also open to artforms such as contemporary dance and jazz, literary events, video/electronic arts and crafts, but these are generally not as well attended as more traditional artforms.


Membership of heritage organisations is very high, and there is a strong interest in its place in the community, and its conservation. These could form the basis of mutually beneficial partnerships.

The philanthropic habits of Commuterland Culturebuffs suggest that they have strong empathy with children and young people’s charities, as well as with medical research and rescue services. These also may form a potential basis for fruitful creative partnerships.


Creating an atmosphere and facilities conducive to socialising with friends around events is important

Place: Environment

There is a strong social motivation behind their arts attending, so the opportunity to share food and drink in pleasant café/restaurant surroundings at the events themselves will be a benefit. High quality facilities and customer service would be important features to promote.

Families tend to be older, but there are significant numbers for whom it would be worth foregrounding any Family Friendly features.

Place: Access & distance

Commuterland Culturebuffs enjoy quite good access to cultural provision. They live in commuter locations within reach of urban centres where transport links ought to be good, and car ownership is above average. However, highlighting and recommending best travel options is likely to be useful.

Most enjoy good health and there is a reduced tendency amongst Commuterland Culturebuffs to limit their activities due to disability. So they are generally not likely to require specific measures that go above or beyond normal accessibility provision.


Commuterland Culturebuffs can afford to attend regularly, and will pay premium prices to ensure a high quality of experience. Discounting strategies are less likely to be effective compared to offering priority access, or opportunities to add value to the experience.

As there is such a strong family and social element to their motivations for attending, opportunities to encourage ancillary spending through catering and retail should be emphasised.

Time is as important as money, so emphasise quality and price accordingly


The internet is an important information channel, with many using cultural organisations’ websites to find out information and to plan and book visits online.

There is a complex mixture of decision making styles amongst Commuterland Culturebuffs, but a majority are instinctively analytical in their approach and value clear information above all. Some will be confident in their own analysis to make choices themselves, but others may like the reassurance of trusted recommendation – therefore expert endorsements, or content to mobilise word of mouth is recommended.

Commuterland Culturebuffs are responsive to email and post but less likely to respond to mobile, landline or SMS communications.


Already willing and active arts and cultural participants they are open to a wide range of opportunities such as craft, playing musical instruments, painting, sculpting and photography. These help enhance the sense that the arts make up a significant part of who they are. Opportunities to either learn or improve artistic skills individually or collectively through tailored programmes, or performance opportunities will be taken up, as will any ad hoc opportunities to engage.

Complete and clear information highly valued in communication

Giving & Volunteering

Commuterland Culturebuffs are likely prospects for making donations to arts and cultural organisations and top the league for giving to Museums & Galleries and Heritage. Their motivations for giving to arts and culture are quite altruistic, motivated to give in order to preserve those cultural facilities, rather than for any personal benefit.

The philanthropic habits of Commuterland Culturebuffs suggest that they have strong empathy with children and young people’s charities, as well as with medical research and rescue services.

Relationship building

As regular attenders to the arts (almost a third attend five or more different artforms annually), their breadth of artistic interests means that they are likely to attend a wide range of organisations. Ensuring quality of artistic experience, enabling social elements of attendance (café, restaurant, bar, shop etc), and maximising opportunities for depth of engagement (e.g. by enabling dialogue, encouraging input to the creative process, sharing & discussion of experience and content) are likely to help build relationships.

Increasing reach & diversity

There is a level of diversity within Commuterland Culturebuffs that may be reached through appropriately targeted offerings and communications. Subject matter is likely to be key, and sensitive presentation of culturally specific and appropriate content might be effective.