Kaleidoscope Creativity have a comparatively strong leaning towards culturally specific festivals and dance events, and especially those of African or South East Asian style or origin

Cultural interests

A significant proportion also enjoy carnivals. However, despite having very good access to other arts and cultural events and opportunities from the western mainstream they are amongst those least likely to attend, and this is most true of classical or contemporary events.

Artforms such as film and live music are popular, whilst musical tastes are wide ranging, from soul, hip-hop and R&B to more culturally specific music, reflecting the diversity of backgrounds from which they’re drawn. About a quarter will attend such popular events annually, which is much lower than average.

They are more positively disposed to arts events than to museum or heritage offerings. Very few have membership of the National Trust or English Heritage. This supports the indication that they don’t tend to go to traditional cultural hubs or centres and are more likely to engage in the arts when it is outside these traditional places in a community setting. Such a rejection of conventional provision is perhaps reflected by an above average number feeling that the arts is not for the likes of them; whist at the same time an above average proportion see themselves as “arty people”.


Other leisure interests

Kaleidoscope Creativity are very interested in fashion – more so than any other segment – and being based in central locations they have access to and spend a significant amount of time shopping.

However, further leisure interests outside of arts and culture are not extensive. A large proportion of this group do not own a car, which may contribute to low engagement levels at more rural or non-urban leisure sites for days out, and lower incomes are also likely to restrict opportunities for eating out at restaurants or spending time in pubs and bars. But the fact that many do not identify with the sorts of offerings available may be an equal or stronger contributory factor.

They do have some propensity, albeit comparatively small, to take up home based leisure activities such as cookery, playing computer games and browsing the internet, and are also quite heavy viewers of television through cable and satellite subscription services.