Tag your ticketing system, database, or CRM records with next generation Audience Spectrum segmentation profiling, at an individual customer level.

As every savvy arts marketer, development professional, and programmer knows, you need to nurture and maximise relationships with your current audiences. Knowing how and when to send the right offer to a receptive patron is one of the most powerful ways to drive sales; conversely, nothing can sour a relationship faster than the wrong messaging at the wrong time.

Licenses are available with an optional Audience Spectrum Persona Workshop and objective setting session, which can be held in person or online. 

Audience Spectrum Licensing

Add this crucial tool to your arsenal as one of the most effective ways to apply segmentation to your campaigns and report to stakeholders.

Purchasing an Audience Spectrum License allows you to:

  • Tag your records at an individual customer level. Tag customers in your ticketing system, database, or CRM when you are contributing ticketing data to Audience Answers.
  • Target your marketing and reassure your stakeholders. Easily profile your audiences to create targeted marketing campaigns, as well as assisting with stakeholder reporting.
  • Set things up easily and automatically. Receive quarterly updates and automated set-up for Spektrix & Ticketsolve users, all fully GDPR compliant.

Discover more about the benefits of Audience Spectrum Licensing:

Licences include the next generation of Audience Spectrum segmentation.

Persona Workshops

Get to grips with the Audience Spectrum segments most valuable to your organisation in a fun, interactive workshop for your whole team.

These session will help you to:

  • Get to know your audiences. Embed a thorough understanding of the key Audience Spectrum segments in your organisation – their lifestyles, how they engage with arts & culture, what their barriers are, etc.
  • Take a personalised approach. Be tailored to your unique team and organisation - we’ll work together to explore the segments and develop example personas which feel real and relevant to you.
  • Develop your strategies. Allow you to optimise so much of what you do, including audience development planning, communications tactics, programming, fundraising strategies and more.
  • Streamline your day-to-day. Equip you with a clear understanding of how you could apply this knowledge to your daily work.

Cost are for an annual license to tag your whole database, and update new records up to 4 times within that year. Reduced rates are available for multi-year licenses.

Number of records


Persona Session

124,999 records or less £1,750 + VAT per year £450 + VAT
125,000 - 249,999 records £3,000 + VAT per year £450 + VAT
250,000 - 499,999 records £5,000 + VAT per year £450 + VAT
More than 500,000 records POA, over £7,000 + VAT per year £450 + VAT
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