Not ‘arty’ but reasonably active culturally – the focus of their interest is on the popular and mainstream arts as well as cinema

Cultural interests

With above average attendance at museums, galleries and particularly heritage sites, cultural engagement of some sort is part of their lives. Given that access to provision can be relatively low, considering where some of this group lives, they are more active than might be expected with some making planned efforts to attend.

Live music, musicals, film, pantomime, circus, carnival, plays/drama, museums, galleries and street arts feature most highly in their choices. Around half have attended museums, galleries or heritage sites in the last 12 months. This suggests that family outings, including for special occasions, are reasonably frequent.


Other leisure interests

Trips & Treats’ leisure pursuits are varied and relatively important for this group, reflecting busy family lives. They are sporty, undertaking activities such as team sports and dance for fitness. At the younger end they are also regular attenders of football matches. Of all the segments they are the keenest shoppers and do this with the family as part of their leisure time.

At home there is a focus on in-house entertainment – computer games and consoles being popular. TV viewing takes advantage of Sky+ or Virgin Media channels and on demand options. For the homeowners in the group there is interest in some DIY and gardening.

Days out, and going to restaurants and bars are not uncommon as opportunities to hang out with family and friends are important. Choice of restaurants are likely to include familiar known brands and chains such as Frankie & Bennys, Pizza Hut, Nandos and TGI Fridays.