Although less likely than average to go to cultural events, a large number still do something cultural at least once a year

Cultural interests

They have a distinct preference for popular and mainstream artforms, especially live music. They prefer rock and pop, but have a broad range of interest in most types of music, though are not particularly keen on contemporary or classical events.

A significant proportion also go to musicals, pantomimes, craft exhibitions and carnivals. This indicates a leaning towards easily accessible, experiential events which may be free or low cost.

They are more likely to visit a museum or gallery than heritage site. There is a relatively low number of National Trust and English Heritage members, possibly due to the cost of membership and the distances required to travel to get to heritage sites.


Other leisure interests

Up Our Street are likely to spend their spare time in the home perhaps doing DIY and gardening. They are also heavy and frequent viewers of TV, which is another of their chief pastimes.

They enjoy occasionally going out for day trips. Wildlife and history are subjects that interest them, and these might provide a focus for days out, often with grandchildren. On the whole they’re not overly sporty, but fishing is an activity that is relatively popular.

Eating out at restaurants, spending time meeting friends over a drink in pubs, bars, sports and social clubs is a frequent pastime for many. They also enjoy some moderate gambling such as playing bingo and/or the lottery.