Including... Digital Culture Compass, a new video app called Byte, and the limitations of using Facebook Boost.

February 19, 2020
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Katie Moffat

Hello, this is issue 104 of Digital Snapshot - all the news, ideas and good reads about digital & audiences. You can find all of the previous issues here. If you need help with your digital challenges, please do get in touch.

News & Updates

First up, some of you will be aware that over the last week or so there's been a flurry of digital related stuff launched. To summarise:

In other news...

  • YouTube is testing a feature to allow viewers to donate to creators through the platform.
  • Facebook now has 2.5 billion monthly users (!)
  • Hands up if you remember Vine - the six second video app that was briefly popular and then shuttered by Twitter. Well, the founder has launched a 'successor' called Byte, which allows you to record and upload six second videos. The problem, of course, is Tik Tok has a massive hold over short video content, although Byte hope to lure creators over with an early focus on allowing them to make money from the platform.

Useful & bookmarkable

  • Really interesting: Twitter has slipped to being the 6th most used social media platform in the UK. Worth remembering when you're working on your social media strategy.
  • Social media agency, We Are Social, has released their mammoth annual PowerPoint presentation which contains every statistic about digital platform use you could possibly want.
  • If you're running a Facebook Group, this new resource from Facebook has some useful bits and pieces in it.
  • Some of you may already be using the Facebook 'Boost post' option, but it's useful to know that there are limitations to this feature (when compared with setting up ads through the ads manager interface).
  • This framework for thinking about designing good products isn't specifically related to digital but it's could easily be used for thinking around decision making for digital generally, ie 'should we prioritise X' or 'why don't we build an app for Y'.
  • If you're based in the North West, the latest Hello Culture Remix event - Telling Tales, looks really good.
  • Top digital agency Substrakt has launched a podcast addressing all things digital in the cultural sector. I'm up on 24 February talking about digital strategy and mindsets.

Fun, inspirational & the rest

Good Reads

  • In both US and UK elections, we've read about the danger of filter bubbles in how people think. This very insightful piece about the latest research into the topic, questions some of the commonly held beliefs about how filter bubbles work.
  • Cultural appropriation is an issue that should continue to be called out. The author of this piece argues that it's currently an issue on Tik Tok.
  • And finally, never underestimate the know-how of savvy teens when it comes to digital platforms - in this case, Instagram.

That's it for this issue! Don't forget, if you have been working on any interesting digital projects that you can share, or have come across something useful, fun or eye-catching, do let me know. Also, if there are topics you would like us to cover in our blog - perhaps how-tos or other practical guides relating to digital, please let us know.

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