Including updates to Facebook Live, tips to ensure that your online meetings are accessible and examples of great social media accounts of the moment.

April 15, 2020
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Katie Moffat

Hello, we hope you are all doing OK, under the circumstances. A quick announcement about two new services to support your digital activity and resilience planning. Firstly, we are offering a free one-to-one call with one of our digital experts - if you have a current problem or challenge that you'd like to chat through with someone, we can help. We are only able to offer a limited number of slots so please be mindful of this when booking.

Secondly, to provide a more in-depth level of support, we now have a mentoring service. This consists of 3 one-hour calls, to work through a topic of your choice. If you would like any more information about either of these services, please get in touch via the contacts on this page.

Also, a reminder that The Audience Agency website has a COVID-19 hub page which includes links to lots of useful resources.

And finally, additional dates for free digital core skills webinars has gone live today. If you fancy joining me in improving your Google Analytics and Facebook Advertising skills, you can book your spot on our events page.

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And that's it for this edition. You can find me or The Audience Agency on Twitter. See you soon.

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