Including... new platform Instagram Reels, a 'YouTube filter bubble simulator' and The National Lottery Heritage Fund's new guide to online privacy and security.

July 24, 2020
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Katie Moffat

Hello, welcome to the Digital Snapshot, a round-up of digital ideas, advice and good reads as relevant to the arts & culture sector.

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Useful / bookmarkable

  • A brilliant, detailed guide by the .gov communications team, about how to make sure your social media is accessible.
  • It's a bit cheesy in parts but Pinterest's marketing guide to using their platform has some useful tips.
  • A salient reminder of how YouTube's algorithm makes such a difference to what each user sees, Their Tube is "a YouTube filter bubble stimulator" which mimics the videos that are recommended to you whether you're a fruitarian, prepper, liberal or conspiracist.
  • The National Lottery Heritage Fund has released a new guide to online privacy and security.
  • For the hard of hearing, face masks make communication difficult. A paramedic's tweet went viral this week when he showed how using the Google Live Transcribe app can help to mitigate the issues. Possibly one to look at for museums and other venues who are starting to open up.
  • If you've been considering starting a podcast, here's a useful article on the Catalyst blog, how how to plan, record and edit.

Distracting / entertaining

Good Reads

  • Conspiracy theories were around long before the current global pandemic but for many reasons it seems to be fueling them. In The Conspiracy Singularity Has Arrived, Vice delves into the world of conspiracies, a world in which QAnon believers tend to support the theory that coronavirus is a hoax developed as a pretext to bring in mandatory vaccinations.

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