Including... Facebook's new range of audio products, accessible online formats for over 65s and online events platforms.

April 27, 2021

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Digital Snapshot, bringing you all the latest digital news, ideas, tips and guidance for the arts, culture, museums and heritage world.

A reminder for those of you not aware, The Audience Agency has lots of original research into audiences' digital behaviours during Covid and their future intentions as we emerge from lockdown. And remember, we are here to help with your digital planning, including developing your digital strategy, conducting research or supporting you with training, please do get in touch.

Latest News

  • Facebook has launched a range of audio products, designed to take on the likes of Clubhouse. It's also trying to make it easier for podcast creators to share long-form audio to the platform (whether audio will take off with Facebook's users remains to be seen).
  • You can also now post and schedule Facebook stories from Business Suite.
  • I include this less for the news value and more as a noteworthy point about the importance of language in how users behave - Apple Podcasts is going to stop using the word 'subscribe' and use 'follow' instead. This is thought to be because 'subscribe' has connotations of having to pay for something.

Useful / bookmarkable

Distracting / entertaining / inspiring

  • If you are looking for inspiration for your next project, the 2021 GLAMi award finalists list is a good place to start.
  • The VOV is "a new virtual ecosystem presenting landmark exhibitions for you to enjoy live and on demand in XR". Its 15 founding member organisations include the Tate, The Whitworth, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Nottingham Contemporary.
  • An interesting idea: a proposal for immersive video on the web.
  • It's clear from the number of you that clicked on the Zoom Escaper link in the last issue that everyone is getting a bit sick of the square boxes on a screen format. A number of platforms have sprung up to try and make the online event format more, well, like a physical event. Examples include, SpatialChat and the soon to be launched Skittish.
  • The Brunel Museum has made an online escape room that looks like lots of fun.

Good Reads

That's it for this issue. If you come across any interesting or noteworthy content or have any of your own projects to share please do send it my way. As mentioned, we're here to support you with training, research and consultancy, so please do get in touch. You can find all past editions of the Digital Snapshot here.

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