Digital Snapshot | 19.02.2019

Including... 230 new emojis, a tool for adding colour to black and white photographs and a beautiful prose poem about travelling through the internet.

19 February 2019

News & Updates

Useful & Bookmarkable


  • Colourise is a tool for adding colour to black and white photos.

  • Dark Patterns is interesting both as a user of the internet and to remind you of bad practice if you're building a new website or trying to get newsletter sign-ups.

  • Politics aside, Britain, Take A Bow is an excellent generative artwork ~ no two viewings are ever the same.

  • Producer and DJ Marshmello played a gig inside Fortnite and it was hugely successful. But for all those people hailing it as a 'first', let us not forget that Duran Duran played inside Second Life (yes I realise that ages me).

Good Reads

And finally two brilliant reads:

  • Welcome to Mirrorworld, "The mirrorworld doesn’t yet fully exist, but it is coming. Someday soon, every place and thing in the real world—every street, lamppost, building, and room—will have its full-size digital twin in the mirrorworld. For now, only tiny patches of the mirrorworld are visible through AR headsets. Piece by piece, these virtual fragments are being stitched together to form a shared, persistent place that will parallel the real world".

  • Patricia Lockwood's excellent prose poem about what it feels like to travel through the internet.

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