Digital Snapshot | 03.04.2019

Including... What happens in a 'digital minute', a comprehensive guide to configuring your Google Analytics and a fond farewell to Google+.

3 April 2019

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  • A Reddit user reminded the world about the wonderful r/place project this week. I've heard it called "one of the best art pieces this decade". If it's the first time you've seen it, this comment gives the background. And here's a much longer (and fascinating) overview of what happened from start to finish. I'm sure somewhere someone is writing a thesis about r/place and collaborative participation within the online realm.
  • Humane By Design is a gorgeous AND useful guide to designing "ethically humane digital products".
  • Northern Broadsides has launched a new mobile app that includes an AR element, to sit alongside their current touring co-production of Much Ado About Nothing. The team behind it say that the app, "...provides background information, learning resources and even drama exercises based on Shakespeare’s language and stagecraft". You can see a snippet of it in action here.
  • In other AR news, I liked this practical example of using AR for wayfinding in a museum.

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