Three parts of Audience Finder you may not have explored...

November 25, 2016

Audience Finder and its vast expanse of audience data can be quite a task to get your head around, so let me direct you to some of the most insightful parts of the platform that even have me – its dedicated support officer – rather impressed.

  1. Did you know that via the National Data section you can access advice on how to engage particular Audience Spectrum segments?
    If you want tips on how to tailor your programme, marketing and relationship building strategies towards a certain segment – this is where you need to look. Go to ‘National Data’ -> ‘Segment’ and click on the particular profile you’re looking for advice on. Then click ‘More details’ and ‘How to engage’ will be one of the options on the segment’s information page.

  2. Another fantastic resource on Audience Finder is a quiz for any staff or volunteers collecting face-to-face survey responses.
    Survey collection might not seem the most appealing task, but when done with gusto it can be a great way to engage your visitors with your programme in the long term by providing insight to motivations and showing visitors that you care enough about their enjoyment to ask about it. Get your volunteers to take our quiz so they can become experts on the basics of effective fieldwork.

  3. And what can you do with your own data in Audience Finder?
    If your organisation has a website, you could be taking a look at where your online visitors have come from before landing on your site; or locating where they are in the UK by postal sector in the ‘Web Users’ section of Audience Finder. This could give you valuable insight into where your online marketing efforts might be best placed.