How to use Audience Finder in your everyday work...

June 3, 2016

Alice Hockey, Products and Programmes Manager offers some quick tips on how to use your Audience Finder dashboard in your everyday work...

  • When you are deciding to send out direct marketing use the mapping tool to find the top postal sectors in your local area with high proportion of your target audiences
  • Got a board meeting? Impress them with knowledge of your audiences by running a quick audience report to take with you
  • Use the ratings information in the survey section to talk to your visitor services about areas for praise or improvement
  • Compare your results to arts attenders generally in your region to find your audiences ‘unique-ness’
  • Use the web analytics tool (which updates each week) to see where the majority of your website traffic is coming from, then ask yourself, have you done anything to encourage this connection or is there potential collaboration or PR opportunity there?

For more on how to get the most out of your Audience Finder dashboard - contact a member of our Audience Finder team.