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  1. Digital Snapshot | 09.07.2019

    Including... Our digital service area, notable updates from Google My Business and an overview of how brands have used Twitter since its inception.

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  2. Top Tips | Commissioning Research and Evaluation

    A tick list of top tips for making sure you’re getting the most for your money when putting together a brief.

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  3. Rethinking Diversity

    Our top takeaways from the ENGAGE 2017 conference…

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  4. Our predictions for 2017

    Our agents predict what may be in store for arts and culture in 2017...

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  5. Opinion | What's next for data sharing?

    Cimeon Ellerton unpicks what Brexit may mean for data sharing in the arts...

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  6. Opinion | Planning with data

    Thoughts on practical applications of big data...

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  7. Opinion | What's the point of Big Data?

    Cimeon Ellerton asks what's the point of big data?

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  8. Opinion | Big Data and Marvelous Mapping

    Data driven mapping tools to help you find out more about your area...

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  9. Big data search and rescue – a call for data scientists

    Recruiting a data scientist for the Arts Data Impact (ADI) project, funded Digital R&D Fund for the Arts...

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