Our growing workshop programme focuses on the challenges organisations tell us they are facing right now.

Join us to learn about...

  • Anticipating what audiences will do next​
  • Using Audience Finder and other data to help you reopen
  • How to innovate in changed circumstances​
  • How to make digital work better for your organisation ​
  • And more​...

Choose between free webinars introducing key themes, and affordable online Masterclasses exploring them in greater depth.

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Photo of Audience Insight Conference Wales
Audience Insight Conference Wales

12 - 13 May 2021

Photo of Data Echo Culture Conference
Data Echo Culture Conference

A free international online gathering combining culture and data co-organised with our partners, Synapse C.
27 - 29 April 2021

Introduction to... | Free webinar series

Free introductory webinar session on a wide range of topics, all aimed to help your organisation bounce forwards.

Photo of Masterclasses | Full Series
Masterclasses | Full Series

Our three hour Masterclasses are focused sessions in which you will both learn and participate.

Photo of Build Back Creatively?
Build Back Creatively?

How the creative industries can help drive local social and economic recovery.

Photo of Audience Finder in Practice
Audience Finder in Practice

Designated for existing Audience Finder users contributing ticketing and/or survey data, our free sessions guide you through the practical application of the data-driven insights that Audience Finder and Show Stats provide.

Masterclass | Audience-Centred Digital Learning

Using an audience-centred approach, we'll explore how to create digital learning experiences that are inspiring, relevant, and sustainable long-term.

Photo of Introduction to... Express Market Analysis
Introduction to... Express Market Analysis

This free webinar offers an introduction to The Audience’s Agency’s rich datasets. The session will explore how we can support your organisation to make plans that reflect the needs of your local community and wider marketplace.

Photo of Show Stats Onboarding Sessions
Show Stats Onboarding Sessions

Whether you’re a touring company or a venue looking to analyse your ticketing data on a production by production basis, our support team can give you a guided tour to help you find your way around the Show Stats tool.

Photo of Audience Finder Onboarding Sessions
Audience Finder Onboarding Sessions

If you’re new to Audience Finder, our support team can give you a guided tour to help you find your way around Audience Finder.