Photo of Visitor Journey Mapping file
Visitor Journey Mapping

When responsibilities are divided across an organisation and your offer develops in different ways over time, a visitor's experience can become fragmented.

Photo of Strategies, Business Plans and Models file
Strategies, Business Plans and Models

In delivering our designed-for-you solutions we work directly and collaboratively with your team, to help you address your organisation's unique strategic challenges.

Enterprise & Digital Maturity

Assessing your digital maturity & current capabilities can lead to increased revenue & diversified income streams.

Photo of Governance Options & Organisational Development file
Governance Options & Organisational Development

Having a clear organisational roadmap is crucial to continuing success & delivering your bottom line.

Photo of Operating Digitally file
Operating Digitally

We help organisations to understand their digital maturity, weave digital into their fundamental operational strategy and deliver digital projects to the highest standard.

Photo of Innovation Through Digital Transformation file
Innovation Through Digital Transformation

Through digital, we help organisations to be more responsive to their audiences, secure funding for innovative projects & undertake research and development with digital technologies.

Digital For Enterprise

We help organisations think deeply about how to increase their revenues & reduce costs through digital, launch new products & develop new services & experiences.

Embedding a culture of audience insight in your organisation

Working with your strategic management team, we help your organisation build confidence around using data to drive decision making.

Audience Centred Experience Design

We use engaging design-based techniques to help different teams work together creatively to get to know and plan for future audiences.

Photo of Build your resilience; secure your future file
Build your resilience; secure your future

Thriving, not just surviving, in the arts and cultural sector requires resilience. The Audience Agency can help you build yours by maximising opportunities and bringing new perspectives to how you work.