User-Centred Access Review

With input from expert collaborators, local communities and your own team, we help you to review the accessibility of your offer and consider how to improve.

Bespoke Evaluation

Measure the success of your projects, your impact on the community & target audiences, & understand the potential of new offers.

Grow your Family Audiences

The Audience Agency's specialist consultants can help you to identify, understand and grow your family audiences.

Photo of Creative People and Places | Inspire Your Community file
Creative People and Places | Inspire Your Community

Creative People and Places is about more people choosing, creating and taking part in brilliant art experiences in the places where they live.

Photo of Creative Place-Making with Local Authorities file
Creative Place-Making with Local Authorities

Our track record supporting Local Authorities means we can help you increase the impact of your creative industry strategy using the latest evidence and insight.


Audience development specialists with local expertise across the cultural sector

Shaping Places, Supporting Communities

Putting creativity at the heart of placeshaping can be crucial to its success. The Audience Agency helps organisations achieve impact and meaningful change working in local, place-based partnerships.

Photo of Interrogate your data in detail file
Interrogate your data in detail

Custom Reports allow you greater flexibility when looking at your audiences.

Photo of Digital for Audience Development file
Digital for Audience Development

Find, reach, & engage digital audiences, understand digital behaviours, & develop a digitally literate culture.


We provide a range of digital services to help organisations reach and grow their online audiences