Including... Elon Musk buying Twitter, Ofcom's latest report, and how the V&A are using YouTube.

May 4, 2022
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Adam Koszary

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Digital Snapshot, bringing you all the latest digital news, ideas, tips and guidance for the arts, culture, museums and heritage world.

Hope everyone in the UK had a restful break from doom-scrolling this bank holiday! If you're around today at 1:30 PM BST then I'm doing a free session on digital content strategy. Will I have all the answers? No. Will I have fancy graphics? Also no. But I will have some answers, plenty of questions and maybe some Word Art graphics as a treat.

Latest News

  • Elon Musk is buying Twitter. I would expect things to get...volatile, even if the EU and other governmental regulations prevent it from becoming a complete cesspit. Most of us already hold our noses and use Facebook because our audiences use it - time will tell whether the audience remains on Twitter (and if not, we can always move on to the competition).

  • Besides the whole Elon thing, Twitter has also been working on a load of features for Twitter Blue, including an Edit button.

  • Instagram is changing its algorithm to favour original content, but how they decide what's original content sounds a little messy.

Useful / bookmarkable

  • Towards a National Collection has started publishing a load of their findings, including their final report on Heritage Connector, exploring how artificial intelligence, linked data and knowledge graphs could create a web of links between collections. Read it here.

  • Applications are still open to take part in this year's Let's Get Real action research project. This year Culture 24 are exploring hybrid working in partnership with Birmingham Museums Trust (including co-CEO Zak Mensah, who is a very good egg). Apply here.

  • Ofcom has released their Children and parents: media use and attitudes report 2022. Nearly all children have a mobile phone and they're all using YouTube, but more than a third still don't have an adequate device for online learning at home.

  • Georgina Brooke caught up with Jo Jones, Senior Content Editor at the V&A, to explore how they use Youtube. Includes left-handed pomegranates, ASMR and how they reacted to lockdown.

Distracting / entertaining / inspiring

Good Reads

  • Agile is an alluring working method - one which embraces continuous change and evaluation. It's always been a bit tricky in practice though, and this article by Miriam Posner brings out some of the issues I've never been able to fully articulate: Agile and the Long Crisis of Software.

And that’s all for this edition. If you come across any interesting or noteworthy content or have any of your own projects to share please do send it my way. Don't forget we're here to support you with training, research and consultancy, so please do get in touch. You can find all past editions of the Digital Snapshot here.

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Adam Koszary

Head of Digital, The Audience Agency

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