Learn basic digital marketing and analytics skills with topic-specific webinars

Social media advertising and web analytics are essential tools in an arts and cultural marketing team's arsenal. Seemingly daunting, but simple to master, these basic skills can form the bedrock of an effective, revenue-boosting digital strategy.

Short-form, 90 minute webinars are a low-cost and effective way to learn about a specific topic in an accessible forum where you:

  • Can see and hear the presenter and follow their screen.
  • Have plenty of opportunity for two-way discussion, including asking questions.
  • Don’t need any special software to be able to take part.

For you and your team to access a webinar, you just need a laptop or desktop – ideally one that allows you to plug in headphones, although, if not, you can dial in for the audio part, from any phone.

Learn how to quickly access a broader digital audience