If you’re a ticketed organisation contributing data to Audience Finder, you may not know about our three add-on filters for your ticketing data. Each is a powerful weapon in an arts marketer's arsenal.

1. Audience Spectrum Type

A time and money-saving must for any ticketed organisation.

Marketing ninjas know that getting the most out of your Audience Spectrum segmentation can take a lot of the guesswork out of your planning. Filter down by Spectrum type to easily see crucial information about your audiences. Know how far in advance they book, where they seek information about events, what kind of programming they prefer and more.

2. Second Tier Artform

A necessary tool for performance spaces or companies with a broad variety of programming.

This drills down your ticketing data to specific genres. Second tier artforms offer you detailed insights about your opera devotees versus your jazz heads, who would otherwise both be included in the broader Music category.

3. Custom Date Range

A real secret weapon for any organisation with a high volume of events annually.

With this incredibly useful filter, you can breakdown your data by specific events, production runs, or seasons, affording you a much more granular and actionable view of your audiences.

Full Enhanced Tickets Dashboard

Cost: £1,000 + VAT annually

Our full enhanced tickets dashboard includes all three filters for maximum insight and intelligent planning.

Individual Ticketing Dashboard Filters

£350 + VAT annually

Only have use for one or two of our filters? No problem, you can purchase each filter individually so you only pay for the actionable insight you really need.

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