Audience Insight: London

The first of The Audience Agency's nationwide Insight Events took place in London in December 2015.

With over 21 million transactions and 125,000 surveys, The Audience Agency’s Audience Finder is the largest cultural dataset in the world. But what does it tell us about our audiences?

This event for cultural organisations, large and small, publicly funded and West End, delved deeper into the behaviour of London audiences focusing on the key segments: Metroculturals and Kaleidoscope Creativity. Using data gathered from across London’s arts organisations and museums, we took a detailed look at frequency, lower attendance and digital engagement.

Audiences in London are busy: in and out of museums, going to their local arts centre, travelling to the West End and more. The more we know about what people are doing and what decisions they are making, the more we can increase the return on our investment of effort. Download a copy of the presentation below to find out more.


Audience Insight London - Presentation - 1 Dec 2015.pdf