A series of workshops designed to help you make the most of your digital resources.

DigitalFor... will be a diverse series of practical workshops designed to help arts, culture and heritage professionals make better use of digital by understanding its transformational potential and how to leverage it to achieve your organisational goals. Each workshop will be delivered by one of our experts and is designed to help you find solutions to specific challenges. 

As a taster of what is possible digital can be used across your organisation to:

  • Recast your whole strategy – and transform your organisation
  • Craft the identity of places and spaces
  • Reach and engage audiences across a range digital platforms and services
  • Develop new experiences, services and products
  • Significantly change your business model and financial resilience
  • Develop skills, capacity and talent

And yet, most of us lack the confidence, the knowledge and the time to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital. These workshops will help you change that in one session, building your confidence and know-how. We’ll make sure that you leave knowing both what you can achieve with digital – and where to start.

We’re continually evolving what we cover and where in this programme. Please do get in touch if:

  • you are interested in a specific topic but cannot make our current dates
  • you have a suggestion of a topic we’ve missed
  • you’d like to cohost a workshop
  • you’d prefer a closed workshop for your organisation only.

Upcoming Digital For... workshops

Digital for... Organisational Maturity

Digital is about so much more than just your website, your IT systems or your social media. Being a twenty-first-century cultural leader requires a high-level understanding of how digitalis a part of your wider organisational maturity – and how it can help achieve your strategic goals and mission.

Dates available:

11 June 2020 in London - Find out more

Digital For … Growing Audiences

Grow your understanding of how to develop a meaningful measurement framework for your digital marketing activity.

Dates available:

23 June 2020 in Manchester - Find out more

Digital for...Capital Projects

Capital projects are about ‘clicks’ as well as bricksbut, in the cultural sector, investments in digital can be as much about collections and signage as a website or online shop. This session brings together all the aspects of digital that contribute to places and spaces that work for visitors, audiences, volunteers… and funders.

Dates available:

25 June 2020 in London - Find out more

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Data For... workshop titles include:

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  • Data For... Digital Marketing
  • Data For... Managing Relationships
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  • Data For... Touring

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