Delving into the audience behavioural and attitudinal trends, topics and top stories emerging from the evidence.

Audience Evidence so far includes:

  • COVID-19 Cultural Participation Monitor. Top level and in-depth findings from our nationwide longitudinal panel survey of changing views about participating in creative and cultural activities through the pandemic.
  • Digital Audience Survey. Latest findings from our survey of how audiences have responded to arts, culture and heritage online during lockdown.
  • Audiences Between Lockdowns. A report profiling audiences that returned to cultural organisations for in-person visits or performances between the first and second lockdowns.
  • Audience Spectrum through COVID-19. Insights into Audience Spectrum segments' changed behaviour and attitudes to arts, culture and heritage engagement through the crisis.
  • Scottish Intentions Survey. A 'temperature taking' survey, conducted in partnership with Creative Scotland, of organisations across the nation and their audiences' attitudes to returning to culture post-COVID.
  • Act Two Survey. Analysis of data from Indigo’s Act Two survey to understand ‘regular and frequent’ audiences’ reactions to digital cultural content.