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Support for Covid-19 safety measures is starting to ebb, but overall caution remains.

Most people still say safety measures are important but, as the chart below shows, this has dropped quite significantly since November.

Wave 6 Covid Safety Measures.png

  • Support for only those with vaccination or test records attending has dropped the most.
  • As expected, due to their increased risk from Covid-19, the level of importance placed on measures increases with age group.
  • Most people also rate these measures as important Outdoors, but in lower proportions.

Nearly half of people surveyed still said that if cultural organisations remove all Covid-19-related safety measures they would be less confident in attending.

  • Half also said organisations could make visiting more Covid-19 safe which is unchanged from November’s analysis.
  • Disabled people are more likely to say the removal of all measures reduced confidence, driven by those with mobility/breathing issues.
  • Half of people surveyed disagreed that the current Covid-19 safety measures were too extreme in relation to risk, with the rest split between neutral and agree, proportions unchanged from November.

The cost-of-living crisis is starting to impact people's willingness or ability to spend on arts and culture.

Income expectations compared with pre-pandemic

The cost-of-living crisis is already starting to bite. Compared to before the pandemic, 37% of people expect to be worse off, although it is worth noting that 21% expect to be better off.

Groups that are particularly likely to expect to be worse off include:

  • those with depression/anxiety (59%),
  • those who are neurodiverse (47%),
  • those working in ‘lower supervisory and technical occupations’ (46%),
  • disabled people (45%),
  • Frontline Families (44%),
  • those with dependent children (42%),
  • and those living in the most deprived quartile of areas (40%).

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Wellbeing through Covid

While audiences' wellbeing has taken a significant hit during the pandemic, some groups have felt less negatively impacted than others, and engaging with arts and culture has proved to be a mood booster.

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Vaccines and Safety

Willingness to attend has not changed significantly since February 2021, despite the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccination.

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Vaccine Certification Effect

As of March 2021, in the short term the number of people prevented from attending by vaccine certification is likely to exceed the number of people it persuades to attend.

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