As leaders we often struggle to look up from the here and now – and think about where our organisation will need to be in 5, 10 or 20 years. GI creates time and space to plan for the future, to find the resources for Research & Development and organisational change to prepare for it.

In a horizon scanning and scenario planning workshops at our What next for resilience? conference with Culture Central in Birmingham, January 2019, 70 cultural sector leaders identified as the most significant external disrupting factors:

  1. Brexit
  2. Changes to behaviours, habits and society from digital technologies
  3. Climate change and environmental sustainability
  4. Rise of populism and extremism
  5. Austerity and the breakdown of global capitalism
  6. Changes to the way we pay for things
  7. Rise of the ‘experience economy’
  8. Antibiotic resistance

So what can we help you do to prepare for such an uncertain future and plan to thrive in it?

We can help you to:

  • Spot opportunities and threats: Scan the horizon, develop scenarios and map disruptions and opportunities, as a team.

  • Create a long-term vision and strategy: Build consensus around refreshed vision, values and big goals for the future.

  • Create an environment for innovation to flourish: Establish processes and culture that spot, test, develop and implement new ideas that can scale and have impact.

  • Secure innovation funding: Identify and secure funding for innovation from outside the usual arts, culture and heritage sources.

  • Deliver Research & Development (R&D) projects: Manage and deliver often complex and risky projects to create potentially highly valuable innovations..

Services include:

Futures workshops | from £1,500 + VAT

  • Run with leaders, boards and other stakeholders across your organisation.
  • Scan the horizon for disruptions external to your organisation and the arts, culture and heritage sector.
  • Develop scenarios and agree how you will respond to them within your strategy, business plan and research and innovation activities.

Long-term vision, strategy and business plan | from £8,000 + VAT (we are happy to respond to invitations to tender or briefs)

  • By collaborating with leadership teams and boards to think afresh, we set audacious goals and envision your organisation’s future
  • We then turn this thinking into a strategy and business plan that is understood and owned by funders, staff, volunteers, members and other stakeholders

Organisational change for innovation | Pricing varies (often purchased alongside digital strategy or business planning)

  • We will introduce organisational cultures and processes to manage a diverse portfolio of products, services and experiences
  • Spot, test, develop and rollout new ideas
  • Tolerate and proactively manage risk and failure, these being vital behaviours identified in our research on resilience for Arts Council England.

Collaborative bid development | from £1,500 + VAT

  • Alongside your in-house experts, we will work with you to co-write bids to funders of innovation, economic development and technology for Research & Development (R&D) projects
  • We design the approach and methods for, budgeting and planning of the project
  • We support the development of partnerships with technology and Higher Education partners.

R&D project delivery support | we will agree the budget with you during the bid writing process

  • Grant management and funder reporting
  • Management of user-centred design and market research
  • Agile and technical project management
  • Development of the financial and economic ‘exploitation strategies’ that required by this type of funding

We also work with funders – including Arts Council England under their Financial Advisors framework and Arts Council Wales through their Resilience Advisors framework – policymakers and Higher Education to design and deliver programmes of support for innovation and organisational change.

Get in touch to discuss opportunities for you organisation

Image of Case in Progress | Futurescapes in Finsbury Park
Case in Progress | Futurescapes in Finsbury Park

Golant Innovation is project partnering on Futurescapes, to explore ways of using immersive technology to inclusively create new visions for public spaces.

Image of Case in Progress | 3D digital modelling for arts and culture
Case in Progress | 3D digital modelling for arts and culture

Golant Innovation is leading on research design and commercial strategy for 'Accessible Photogrammetry for the arts, culture and heritage sectors'.

A manual for bringing theatre to the screen

ACE/Nesta/AHRC-funded Research & Development on filmed performance with Miracle Theatre