Ideas and creativity are the lifeblood of arts, culture and heritage organisations. But so too are many other aspects of human knowledge, information and data.

We help you turn them from what can often be a headache into a strategic asset – delivering cultural, social and economic benefits as well as enhancing your overall resilience.

We can help you to:

  • Identify your assets: Work out who holds what data, information and knowledge, where it is and which of it is most valuable.

  • Communicate value: Create a common language and format for all the information and data that you hold, so that it’s meaningful to everyone.

  • Integrate your information: Join up the systems that hold your all-important information and data, so you get a holistic view and new insights.

  • Data-charge your strategy: So you and your stakeholders get the most value from it, whilst sticking to your values and ethics.

  • Become data capable: Build on these skills to develop data confidence in the future.

Services Include:

'Data for...' Workshops | from £160 + VAT per person

  • These workshops address various different uses of data – from managing relationships, to decision-making and beyond.
  • They can be open or organisation-specific and are available at all levels from data-innocent to data-wizard, tailored to help you be data confident and capable.
  • See our workshop schedule for specific topics, dates and locations.

Data-charge your strategy | from £1,500 + VAT

  • These short, focused projects draw together leaders and teams from across your organisation to develop a joined-up vision and strategy for data and information
  • The project is tailored towards supporting your own mission and resilience and enables you to spot opportunities to create cultural and social value, increase earned income and be more efficient.

Data audits | from £1,500 + VAT

  • Knowing 'what, where and who' is the key to understanding your organisation's data, information and knowledge.
  • From the blue book in the filing cabinet, to the address book in the head of the founder who’s about to leave, via the usual mix of spreadsheets and word docs - a huge amount of latent power lies in this disparate data.
  • Having a firm grip on your data is crucial for data protection compliance, getting ready for new systems and to support growth.

Creating information standards | Pricing varies

  • For your data, information to constitute knowledge, you need to be able to communicate them meaningfully.
  • These sessions will bring people together from across your organisation to create common standards, language and formats by which to categorise, organise and communicate data and information.
  • The output is a knowledge framework that people can understand and act on creatively and purposefully, without having to be techies or statisticians.

Delivering data systems | Pricing varies

  • We help define the organisational requirements, user needs and technical specifications that the systems holding your data need to achieve.
  • We will evaluate the options - from buying, to customise to building - select or procure the right solutions and providers, and project manage of the roll-out of new systems.

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