Thriving – not just surviving – in the arts and cultural sector requires resilience. We can help you develop new perspectives and capabilities to ensure that you make the most of your assets and make your work truly sustainable.

We can help you to:

  • Understand the situation: Benchmark your financial and organisational performance and competitive environment.
  • Identify assets: Map your intellectual property and other intangible assets and find new opportunities to exploit them.
  • Innovate with enterprise: Develop new business models and create the detailed business plans to back them up.
  • Analyse options: Choose the governance models and structures that help you achieve your mission.
  • Find funding: Develop hybrid enterprise/fundraising approaches that resonate with funders.
  • Build partnerships: Develop strategic alliances to increase impact and/or lower costs.

Services include:

Resilience audit | from £1,250

A review of your organisational resilience – behaviours, systems, processes, organisational culture and financial performance against benchmarks.

Intangible asset and IP audit | from £2,000

Buildings are not the only asset! We can help you understand your less tangible assets and how they can generate added value for your organisation. These might include:

  • Creative works

  • Still and moving images

  • Methodologies

  • Exploitable knowledge and skills

Business model canvas workshop: from £1,500

A day-long workshop with staff across your organisation using the business model canvas to brainstorm new business models and sharpen old ones – with additional support to help you develop your thinking after the workshop.

Options analysis

Through desk research, one-on-one discussions and workshops we can help you:

  • Understand your current strategic context

  • Be aware of the full range of governance options and business models available to you

  • Develop a framework for assessing those options

  • Navigate the transition to new ways of working, including building relationships with new potential partners (see below)

We help services considering whether to move out of a local authority; groups of organisations considering merging; and organisations in receipt of heritage resilience funding.

Partnership/consortium/network development

Sometimes it helps to have an outside broker. We can help you at all stages of partnership development, from considering your options (see above) to convening and facilitating a group of potential partners, to supporting the reworking and development of an existing partnership. This work might include:

  • Situation analysis

  • Negotiating strategic alignment and common purpose

  • Evidence for business case

  • Development of shared services (systems or procurement)

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