Embracing digital is about more than marketing your creative programme. It goes to the root of how you operate as an organisation.

Golant Innovation' research with arts, cultural and heritage leaders tells us that some of their biggest challenges result from digital pervading our personal and professional lives:

  • Changed behaviours and expectations from audiences, visitors and customers

  • Increased competition from other leisure and entertainment

  • More demands on their budgets to develop new services

  • Reskilling staff and volunteers

Golant Innovation helps you understand where you need to weave digital seamlessly into your organisation to meet these challenges (and where to leave well alone).

Whilst marketing of core programme, digital art/interpretation and digital capture are crucial, at GI we focus on digital as it is used in:

  • Sales, marketing & communications outside audiences of core artistic/cultural programme

  • The commissioning and production of artistic and cultural works

  • The management of heritage assets, collections and archives

  • Fundraising & development from organisations

  • Finance and operations

  • Research & innovation

  • Enterprise

We help you to:

  • Understand your digital maturity: Work out what ‘digital’ can mean for you and assess where you need to embed it effectively and appropriately in your organisation

  • Gain digital confidence and capability: Assess your organisational capabilities, build appropriate new skills and develop the necessary KPIs.

  • Weave digital into your strategy: Understand where your digital activities help you meet your mission and objectives.

  • Transform your organisation through digital: Become more agile and more driven by audiences, visitors and customers.

  • Deliver digital projects: Support collaboration, creativity and efficiency to ensure that new or updated systems are enthusiastically adopted.

Services include:

Digital maturity reviews (including updates to ACE Digital Policies & Plans) | from £1,500 + VAT

  • We will assess where your use of digital is appropriate and sufficiently impactful, and where it isn’t.

  • We work with you to update your digital policy and plan.

Digital strategy for heritage capital projects | we are happy to respond to invitations to tender or briefs

  • Develop winning approaches aligned with your business, interpretation and activity plans; costed, planned and best in class; delivering cultural, social and economic value

Digital plans for enterprise & resilience | from £1,500 + VAT

  • Increase revenues and profits from your enterprise activities, reach new customers launch new services, products or experiences and lower costs.

Digital innovation funding bids | from £1,500 + VAT

  • We can write bids with you to secure funding to support digital innovation

  • We will help you to research and develop new solutions and their underlying business models.

Systems architecture & planning | we are happy to respond to invitations to tender or briefs

  • Create a blueprint for how all your current and future systems fit together, the key building blocks of infrastructure and the best way to evolve and finance these, whilst still running your organisation.

Delivering IT and digital systems | we are happy to respond to invitations to tender or briefs

  • We will evaluate the options - from buying, to customise to building - select or procure the right solutions and providers, and project manage of the roll-out of new systems.
  • We help define the organisational requirements, user needs and technical specifications that the systems holding your data need to achieve.

Developing new services | we are happy to respond to invitations to tender or briefs

  • We can evaluate and deliver service and user experience design across online, social platforms and in-venue digital (we’ll usually talk you out of an ‘app’ – unless you really need one).

  • We help with content planning, authoring and production, resourcing planning once it’s up and running and KPIs with which to run the service.

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