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Answers to your Audience Finder questions: Digital

How can I access Hitwise: AudiemceView without contributing data to Audience Finder?

The Audience Agency have access to the whole Hitwise: AudienceView tool so you can commission bespoke reporting over and above what is free through Audience Finder. To discuss your needs and costs talk to Katie Moffat, Head of Digital

What is the difference between Hitwise and Google Analytics, and which should I use?

Ideally, you would be using them in tandem. While Google Analytics is a great tool for finding out what your website visitors do on your own site, how they behave, where they are accessing it from etc, Hitwise has the added benefit of finding out more about those visitors outside your site. This ranges from profiling to explore the types of sites and web behaviour your visitors, or potential visitors have when they are not on your site.

Can Hitwise look at social media analytics?

You can see what sites web visitors are using but not what they do within those sites. To access this information you can use the analytics provided by the site itself.