Answers to your Audience Finder questions: Tickets

Can I contribute both ticketing and survey data?

Yes, absolutely – and we encourage you to do so. Collecting survey data along with ticketing data extractions will give you behavioural information alongside attitudinal and demographic data including protected characteristics. Get in touch with our support team to get set up.

How comprehensive and up to date is the ticketing data in Audience Finder?
There are over 230 organisations submitting ticketing data from across England and Wales which means Audience Finder now contains data from over 160 million ticket sales, and this figure is growing every week. However, we are always keen for more organisations to join, to express interest in ticketing data analytics simply complete this webform.

Can you connect surveys and ticketing data?
Although not a standard service through Audience Finder, doing this kind of research using the frameworks does make it a simpler process and can be a great way to connect observed behaviour in ticket sales with motivational and reported behaviour in surveys.
In term of benchmarks, the two sets of data are never combined as they are collected in such different ways.

Can you look at ticketing data by event/what if I need more detailed reporting?
Not on the Audience Finder dashboard but Show Stats is powered by the same tool and allows you to report on individual performances, productions, runs and even tours to other venues from as little as a 1p per ticket (£100 minimum charge per annum). To find out more head to

Can I use Audience Spectrum segmentation in my own system for tactical marketing?
Yes, we can tag your customers with Audience Spectrum types in your own system, for more information and costs go to our tools page.

Is there any way to filter certain bookings out of our results without excluding the whole performance (for example group bookings or complimentary tickets)?
During the artform coding process you can exclude whole events from your reporting that might not be relevant eg hire. Then, once your data is in the dashboard you can exclude zero value sales or group bookings (10+ tickets in a single transaction) using the additional filters.

How can touring companies without direct access to ticketing data benefit from Audience Finder?
Show Stats is powered by Audience Finder and allows you to report on individual performances, productions and runs from any venues using the system from as little as a 1p per ticket (£100 minimum charge per annum). In addition, you can run one free annual summary report each year. To find out more head to

Do we need to inform our audiences that we are sharing data in this way?
No, all data in Audience Finder is processed so that all analytics and reporting use an anonymised code rather than an individual’s personal data. Furthermore, we don’t use any data we collect for contacting the audience members in any way, and you are not required to inform customers if you use their details for research purposes. For more information about data sharing go to

Can I benchmark against specific organisations?
Yes, you can create your own bespoke benchmarking groups by working in collaboration with other organisations collecting data in Audience Finder. Costs are £100+VAT per org per year for a bespoke grouping (capped at £1,000 per group), to find out more contact the Audience Finder team.