Guide | Artform Coding

How to complete your coding in four simple steps.

Step 1: Exclude any events from your dataset that you are not interested in analysing. This should also include any event that may have been setup to sell goods/sundries such as parking tickets, pre-show meals, merchandise etc. To do this, simply change ‘Included’ to ‘Excluded’ within the last column so that these records do not skew the results in your online dashboard and future reporting.

Step 2: Assign each performance a 'First tier artform' using the dropdown menu. This is the most basic level of coding and assigns an overall genre that will deliver you a more generalised insight in future reporting. All performances without a first tier artform will be excluded.

Step 3: Apply a ‘Second tier artform’ to each performance. This is especially important for venues that only specialise in one main artform, such as a concert hall.

Step 4: Upload your completed coding sheet using the Coding Sheets - Complete link provided

To get you started, we pre-populate your artform coding sheets with as much information as possible based on any event classifiers we can see within your ticketing software’s extraction. Please check these are accurate and make any changes necessary.

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