Feature | Made in Manchester…

How the Valuing Older People Team (Public Health unit) created a cultural offering to the local older audience...

Manchester. A world-famous city of firsts – ranging from computers, public libraries and professional football leagues, to test tube babies and the first Marks and Spencer store!

Now the city is leading the way again. Manchester’s arts and cultural offer enjoys international recognition. Yet there was little awareness of this among local older audiences who although living closest to the cultural offer, had little or no connection to it.

In common with many post-industrial landscapes, many of the city’s older residents live within a ‘doughnut of deprivation’ – neighbourhoods in closest proximity to the city centre some of which have been classed as disadvantaged, even deprived. This contrasts with city centre – a concentration of rich cultural opportunities, business wealth and vibrant regeneration.

Manchester’s response to this has been typically ground-breaking.

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Sherry de Wynter