Author: Golant Innovation

Since there isn’t currently a dedicated resilience funding stream, this is the place to apply if you’re looking to support your organisational resilience.

This might be (for example) through business planning, organisational change, governance reviews, or strategy development. This funding stream is also open to projects with digital elements, if they help you achieve your goals for heritage.

Obviously this funding is very competitive, so you’ll want to be certain you have the best application possible. We can help you write the Heritage Fund application and to navigate the scheme’s priorities and processes. In partnership with Julia Holberry Associates and our parent company The Audience Agency, we can offer a full range of expertise.

Here are some of the outcomes that the Heritage Fund is looking for – and how we can help you…

A wider range of people will be involved in heritage

This outcome is mandatory. Every funded project must “include audience development work and community consultation in [its] planning” and “collect and analyse information about the people who engage with… heritage – and those who don’t – and… track how this changes over time.”

The Audience Agency will identify the audiences you need to develop, and then start a conversation with those audiences through online surveys, individual and community group interviews, to find out what interests them and how they would like to engage with your heritage.

The funded organisation will be more resilient

We are specialists in resilience, having written the report that’s informing the redesign of the Heritage Fund’s business support programmes and delivered sector-wide research on resilience in the arts, culture and heritage for Arts Council England. We’re on the financial advisors framework for Arts Council England and associates on the Arts Council of Wales resilience programme.

Whether you need help identifying your assets, developing new business models or business plans, building capabilities, or creating an options analysis for governance, we’re here for you.

People will have developed skills

We don’t just deliver reports. All our work is collaborative by design, intended to help you develop new insights, skills and capabilities. We can also offer mentoring or formal training sessions on a range of themes, including digital, data, marketing, innovation and revenue generation.

People will have learned about heritage, leading to change in ideas and actions

Our associate Julia Holberry can help you develop an events programme based around your audience’s needs, identified during consultation. The events and activities will be designed to engage people with heritage in a way that suits them, developing their understanding and inspiring them to act on their newly found knowledge – for example by researching their family history or talking to their friends about it.

And then there’s digital…

You might have noticed that the Heritage Fund’s list doesn’t include any specifically digital outcomes – this is because digital should help to achieve your other project goals. Right now there is no digital guidance from the Heritage Fund, but don’t let that dissuade you.

We’ve developed a Digital Maturity Index (commissioned by Arts Council England with the National Lottery Heritage Fund) that’s soon to be rolled out across the whole sector. We can analyse your digital maturity, help you manage and exploit your digital assets, and advise on accessibility and the use of digital to increase inclusion. We can also advise on the design process around digital, helping you develop approaches and methodologies that will give confidence to funders – even if you don’t know yet exactly what you want to build.

The next deadline for grants over £100,000 is 19 November 2019, so get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas.

*Golant Media Ventures is now known as Golant Innovation.