Commission | Digital Code and Maturity Index for UK Arts, Culture & Heritage

The Audience Agency and partners to develop an ACE and HLF commissioned self-evaluation tool and best practice model for UK arts, culture and heritage sectors.

30 January 2019

Following a competitive tender process, the contract to develop the Digital Maturity Index and Digital Culture Code has been awarded to The Space, working in partnership with The Audience Agency, Culture24, Creative Coop and Leicester University. They are due to be launched alongside the publication of the Arts Council England and Nesta Digital Culture Survey in September 2019.

DCMS’s Culture is Digital report defines digital maturity as:

The process of digital activity becoming embedded across an organisation as part of the strategic vision and throughout every part of the business, from its creative output and audience outreach, through to e-commerce and the skills of its staff.

It tasks Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund with developing, with partners:

  • A Digital Maturity Index that organisations can use to benchmark their own digital maturity and develop plans to improve it
  • A Digital Culture Code of practice, providing principles and guidelines for achieving digital maturity

Of course what 'digital maturity' means for you will vary. For some organisations, it's simply a well organised website and flourishing social media presence, whereas others may strive to be world leaders in a particular field. The index and code, though, will benefit organisations across the spectrum by highlighting where to concentrate effort and resources in terms of skills development, technological investment and partnership building.

We are all aware that across the cultural and heritage sector, when it comes to digital, there are huge variations in experience and confidence. While some organisations have embedded digital across their practice whether artistically, as part of their audience development or within their enterprise activities, others are less sophisticated but no less ambitious. An effective digital code and index will help to support organisations as they consider how to improve any and all digital aspects, from artistic practice to audience development and beyond. This is fundamentally a collaborative project and The Audience Agency and Golant Media Ventures teams will be involving the sector throughout its development.
Katie Moffat, Head of Digital, The Audience Agency

The partners will deliver the two as an integrated online tool that enables self-evaluation against the embedded Digital Maturity Index and recording of planned activities informed by content from the Digital Culture Code of practice.