Dormitory Dependables are an important group that form a significant proportion of many cultural audiences

Dormitory Dependables are an important group whose infrequent but regular attendance, coupled with their large representation within the population means that they form a significant proportion of many cultural audiences.

Cultural interests

Living in suburban and rural areas their access to a broad range of arts offerings is not as extensive as it might be, and this along with their busy lifestyles, may contribute to their infrequent engagement. Sometimes when they do attend they have to make time and travel, so arts and culture may tend to be more of a special treat than part and parcel of their everyday social lives.

They do not think of themselves as particularly arty people, but enjoy attending to be entertained and to socialise and relax with friends.

Whilst open to a broad range of arts and cultural activities, they have a marked inclination towards popular and mainstream offerings, with more than half taking in events annually. Their disposition towards contemporary and classical events is not quite as strong, but those artforms are still attended roughly in line with or slightly above the national average.

Museum and gallery visits are made regularly but infrequently with the majority visiting once or twice a year. They do have a marked leaning towards heritage sites, to which they have quite good access, with more than half of all households visiting annually. Of those who do visit heritage sites, nearly half go three or four times a year.


Other leisure interests

The home is an important focus for Dormitory Dependables – many are keen DIY enthusiasts and gardeners. Their love of the outdoors is not restricted to gardening, as almost two thirds regularly take part in sports and exercise activities.

Visiting restaurants, bars and clubs are also ways in which they like to use their leisure time to spend time, often with friends or family. They are very keen cinema goers.

With many successful or established in managerial and professional careers, they can afford to use their available income to enjoy holidays or take up new hobbies.