Experience Seekers take in all kinds of culture: mainstream, contemporary, culturally specific, popular and classical, as well as making regular visits to museums, galleries and heritage sites.

Culture interests

Their engagement is likely to be wide but not deep, though nearly half consider themselves ‘arty’. They are mostly seeking out new things to do to accompany their social lives and easy access to a wide range of cultural offers from their home location makes this possible.

Whilst attending cultural activities more than the average, their focus on the contemporary and culturally specific is particularly notable. They see plays, galleries, musicals, public art, live music and film – and compared to the population – they are the most likely to engage with culturally specific festivals, jazz, video, electronic art and contemporary as well as diverse forms of dance.

Visits to heritage sites, museums and galleries are frequent with over a third attending 3-4 times a year and two thirds having visited in the last 12 months.


Other leisure interests

With their leisure-time mostly focused on cultural activities, Experience Seekers accompany this with frequent visits to cafes, bars and restaurants. They are not particularly ‘home-bodies’ so gardening and DIY play little role in their active lives and watching television is not a priority.

Nearly half consider themselves sporty doing sport for fitness and being able to access music on the move is important. Most stream music using sites such as Spotify on a regular basis.

As a fair few are still students, leisure-time can be limited and may also be focused on supporting their educational interests.