The basic Audience Finder survey is free and consists of a number of core questions. The wording and inclusion of these questions are compulsory for all contributing organisation to allow for the greatest comparison and benchmarking.

Audience Finder 2021-2022 Core Questionnaire for NPOS

If you are a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), your funding agreement requires you to submit audience data to Audience Finder, unless you have an official exemption. If an NPO chooses to use an alternate method of data collection to Audience Finder they must ensure they ask all core questions in the Audience Finder survey questionnaire and in exactly the same way. This will enable the NPO to input or transfer their data into Audience Finder to generate their annual report. The following is the core questionnaire for 2021-2022 for NPOs.

Download the Audience Finder 2021-22 Core Questionnaire for NPOs

As part of The Audience Agency's free standard survey, we now offer the option for 5 additional questions from our premium list to be added free of charge.

If you wish to add further questions from our premium list, in addition to the 5 that may be added free of charge, you may do so with a cost of £100 + VAT per extra question.

You can also run additional surveys alongside one free standard survey in the Audience Finder dashboard, for which an additional cost will incur.

If you would like further information regarding surveys, please get in touch with our team by emailing