A message from Arts Professional:

"We all face uncertain times, and community matters more than ever, so we’re going to do everything we can to share knowledge and support our sector’s wellbeing, career resilience and creative purpose during the pandemic.

From today you’ll be able to access CovidCulture, a dedicated space for all the news on how the coronavirus is affecting arts workers.

Updated regularly, CovidCulture microsite will bring you the latest resources, news, ideas and information to help sustain cultural organisations, creative careers, and support the sector’s workers, including:

  • Creatives at Work: What’s affecting your work, your workplace and your job? What opportunities are still available? Resources, news and commentary to help arts professionals weather the storm.
  • Money Matters: Whether it’s income for your organisation or your own living expenses, chances are you’ll be looking around for funding, financial advice and fundraising support.
  • Campaigns: Who’s speaking up for the arts? Here’s what unions, member organisations, campaigners and supporters are doing and saying on your behalf.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Advice and ideas here for preserving your mental and physical health, and supporting those around you.
  • Creative Communities: Use your downtime as an opportunity to take part in inspiring activities being promoted and shared by the creative community.

We hope to make uncertain times more tolerable through sharing news, ideas and resources to support each other’s creative and economic resilience.

We are here to collaborate with a sector that inspires creativity through making great art. For updates check ArtsProfessional daily.

Our weekly emails will continue as normal and include highlights of local activity by creative communities.

We’re with you."

CovidCulture from Arts Professional