If you’re an experienced artform coder, you probably realise by now just how vital it is and understand the benefits it can bring you. It enriches the insight you get, informs the benchmarks we create for you and updates the artform breakdown in the national data of the Audience Finder website. For those that are new (welcome), it might feel a little daunting at first, but it’s really very simple and here’s a tip to make it even more straight forward...just remember the three c’s.

Keep it clean

One of the primary goals of coding your performances is to make sure the data you are putting into Audience Finder and the insight you get back out of it is squeaky clean, by excluding any event or performance you don’t want reported on. This can be anything you choose it to be. However, we do strongly advocate you exclude non-audience based ‘events’ (like merchandise sales from panto) or agency sales/third-party hires as these probably won’t tell you much about your core audience – the people you attract with your own special offer.

Consistency is key

It’s always best to keep consistency in mind when applying your coding. The more consistent you can keep your coding over each quarter, the more accurate and credible the results will be in the long run. Want to see the trends in your dance audience over the last few years? Or see how your profiles have changed for music throughout the year? Consistency is the key to keep your data comparative across your organisation and the benchmarks we can provide you.

Be consumer-led

Remember to keep a clear picture about what you’re measuring in Audience Finder – your audiences. The codes you choose should ultimately reflect the audience’s general interest rather than the beautiful yet niche performance at hand. This is the reason we don’t have ‘tribute act’ as an artform – very few audience members would consider themselves as a die-hard tribute fan and only go to see tribute acts. They are most likely to be attending because they have an interest in that band and the type of music they perform.

The important thing is not to stress, if you keep the three c’s – clean, consistent and consumer-led – in mind, you’re on the right track to getting the most out of Audience Finder, but if you change your mind and want to re-include some performances at a later date or change a few codes to help with your marketing strategy, no problem, email us and we’ll do our best to help you.