Find Your Talent PUSH - the 'Capture It' Crew

Training young evaluators to gain feedback of the Find Your Talent led to better engagement and new skills.

For the evaluation of the Find Your Talent programme in Portsmouth and Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) region we undertook the Phase One evaluation into some 30 projects across the region. We worked with the

national evaluation KPIs, but also created specific individual regional and sub-regional measures of success.

At the end of the first phase, we were re-commissioned through a second tendering process to evaluate Phase

Two. One of the learning outcomes from Phase One had been the relative difficulty in getting 'filtered' comment and response from many of the young people for whom the programme had been created. This led to our establishing, at the heart of the Phase Two evaluation process, a group of FYT young evaluators: the 'Capture It' crew.

We trained this group in basic qualitative research protocols and made the base element of their activity the creation of filmed interviews, followed up in some cases of ethnographic evaluation, through showing the films they had made, and then having the participants watch these films and record their responses to these films. Throughout their involvement they were mentored by both a film-maker who regularly worked on evaluating cultural activity and a member of the research team.

Outcomes for the group included:

  • Achieving Arts Award at Gold or Silver level
  • Filmed interviews discussing the impact and experiences of young people engaging in creative and cultural activities
  • An end of project film - an advocacy film documenting and demonstrating the impact of FYT projects that was shown to peers and to policy-makers
  • A 'Capture It' led and focused final event which they designed, event-managed, led and used as an opportunity to share with the sector their thoughts and ideas.

The result of this initiatives was better engagement with the evaluation process from young participants and a greater depth of response, plus a group of young people, the 'Capture It' crew, with new skills in film-making and documenting process which could be highly beneficial to their future employment prospects.