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The Audience Agency is a mission-led organisation, which exists to give people better access to culture, for the public good and the vitality of the sector.

We hope to contribute in increasing the number and diversity of people engaging with a broad range of culture, and the depth and scope of their involvement.

Our purpose is to lead insight-driven, audience-focused practice and policy. We put our knowledge and skills in creating and using insight at the disposal of the sector, as agents for positive change.

According to our intelligence, only about a third of people in the UK take part in publicly supported culture regularly, most of them infrequently. We’d like to see more people getting more involved - everyone should be able to enjoy the proven benefits. To bring about that change, our sector needs to learn more about our audiences and communities and what they need. We all need to take inspiration from that insight in the way we engage: make, curate, channel and communicate. This is what we mean by audience focus, and we think it is the key to being relevant as well as resilient.

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