At The Audience Agency, we believe international collaboration is a necessity across the creative sectors, helping us all to discover new people, concepts, and practices. Crucially, working outside of cultural and national siloes stokes vital innovation.

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  • For international work generally contact Jonathan Goodacre, Senior Consultant, The Audience Agency.

  • For TAA Tech Ventures’ work contact Patrick Towell, Executive Director Golant Innovation

  • For Audience Finder International enquiries contact Chris France, Head of Audience Finder Service

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Cultural Cooperation

Our commitment to building strong international bonds is reflected in our EU funded projects, incorporating a range of multi-country research and organisational development work, including Adeste+, Connecting Audiences, Asset and COLA. These partnerships led directly to a new series of forums on cultural policy and cultural democracy which began in Warsaw in 2018 and were attended by a range of policymakers, practitioners and academics from around the world.

Research and Evaluation

The Audience Agency has been working directly and indirectly on a range of research and evaluation projects. We are the main evaluators of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture and in the Asset project is working with 20 theatres in Helsinki, Prague, Sofia, Vienna and Zagreb on researching theatre audiences. We are also strategically involved in the Encatc International Working Group on Evaluation and the Cities of Culture Research Network.


Our work on the European Capitals of Culture for 2020 in Rijeka, Croatia and Galway, Ireland has provided fascinating new perspectives on place-based cultural activity and public engagement.


The addition of Golant Innovation (GI), to The Audience Agency Group, has brought a new angle to our international reach. GI’s Executive Director, Patrick Towell, is a global policy research fellow focusing on innovation at the thinktank for the global south, the Institute of Technology & Society in Rio.


The Audience Agency has taken its first steps to provide other countries with our flagship audience data platform, Audience Finder. We are currently working in partnership with Canadian agency Synapse C., advising them on setting up an agency like The Audience Agency and how to engage cultural organisations in aggregated audience insight. Keep an eye out for more news on the internationalisation of Audience Finder and our work with Synapse C in Montreal, Quebec.


As leaders in professional development, we have partnered with The British Council and other organisations to provide training in the last year alone in South America, Palestine, Croatia, Italy, Poland, and Portugal, where we continue to share our expertise and knowledge of audience development, research and evaluation, and discover a range of fresh approaches to culture and public engagement.

We offer a variety of training workshops, available internationally and ranging from 1 - 3 days in length on:

  • Audience development
  • Evaluation
  • Audience-centred design
  • Learning and Participation
  • Next-generation digital marketing
  • Innovation and resilience
  • And more...

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International Professional Development and Debate Opportunities

There are frequent opportunities to take part in training, symposiums, conferences and summer schools, often at relatively low cost. In the coming months, for example, there will be:

  • Summer schools and conferences as part of Adeste+
  • Further forums on cultural policy, audience development and cultural democracy
  • A new programme following up on the Connecting Audiences project with Goldsmiths University on Design Thinking for Audience Development, a twin-track programme for both students and practitioners, launching in 2020

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