Practical ideas for involving your community by adopting a people-centred approach.

What do “people-centred”, “co-production”, “co-creation” and “participatory” actually mean in practice? And how do we bring the benefits to both our communities and our organisations?

Designed for organisations thinking about taking new steps to work more closely with their communities, this session encourages practical experimentation with people-centred practice. Drawing on a mixture of research and on-the-ground experiences, we share a little theory and a lot of practical tips for making meaningful, mutually beneficial connections with the communities you serve.


Anyone leading or planning to start or restart engagement initiatives. It does not matter what your career background is. Our aim is to build confidence but we also welcome experienced practitioners and invite them to share their challenges and experiences.

What you will learn:

Simple and deliverable ideas for:

  • getting to know your community
  • involving people in decision-making and creative activities
  • making the most of the learning and experience of Lockdown
  • tackling the challenges of working in this way inside our organisations.


Anne Torreggiani, CEO at The Audience Agency and Co-Director Centre for Cultural Value

Anne has been influential over three decades, improving practice and advocating for change in the cultural sector, especially in terms of encouraging an audience-centred approach and in the use of data in the development of policy and practice.

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Carly Henderson, Senior Consultant Co-creation & Participation at The Audience Agency

Carly was previously Head of Learning and Engagement at Oldham Coliseum Theatre and is currently a trustee of the National Festival of Making and Kaskosan.

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This session takes the form of a 1 hour 15 minute workshop-style webinar with the opportunity to ask questions and share views.

Date: Friday 26 November 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Cost: Free

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