Our dedicated research team offers a tailored approach to meet your research needs, generating insight to help you to understand and grow your audiences

Drawing on a range of methodologies and market data we can work with organisations at all stages of the research journey, from those taking the first dip into research to projects involving complex and sophisticated analysis.

Our approaches include:

  • Bespoke questionnaire surveys.
  • Discussion groups, depth interviews and vox pops.
  • Audience tracking, diary research and observational techniques.
  • Analysis of box office and other audience data.
  • Audience mapping and profiling using tools such as Audience Spectrum and Mosaic.
  • Profiling of digital audiences using our online analysis tools.
  • Benchmarking and marketplace analysis.

The Audience Agency research team will help you decide on the best research approach to take and if this requires new data collection, analysis of existing market data or a combination of the two.

Whether in relation to new or existing audiences, a small project or a large-scale collaboration, we can give you valuable insights in order to make it easier for you to plan and operate more effectively.

Get in touch

E: research@theaudienceagency.org
T: 020 7407 4625