Chief Executive Officer of The Audience Agency

Areas of expertise:

  • Audience Trends
  • Insight-based decision-making
  • Strategic engagement planning
  • Cultural policy and leadership

Anne founded The Audience Agency in 2011 and has seen it grow into an organisation employing over 50 people with hundreds of clients in the UK and across the world. She has been influential for over three decades, improving practice and advocating for change in the cultural sector, especially in terms of encouraging an audience-centred approach and in the use of data and other evidence in the development of policy and practice.

Prior to The Audience Agency, she set up the regional agency Audiences London and before that was director of marketing and audiences with numerous UK cultural organisations. Anne is a specialist in audience research and strategy, trends and patterns of public engagement with particular interests in human centred design, better use of data, cultural democracy and organisational change. As well as representing The Audience Agency and its research, she works as a facilitator and adviser for a wide range of agencies such as Arts Council England, British Council, the European Commission, local authorities and a diverse range of cultural organisations. She also leads on the design and delivery of leadership and development programmes with the aim of creating more inclusive organisations, increasing participation and using insight.

She is a regular commentator and speaker on these issues – including a column in Arts Professional - in the UK and internationally. She is the Co-Director of the new Centre for Cultural Value, funded by the AHRC and based at the University of Leeds and is an experienced trustee – currently of Tamasha Theatre Co and Europeana. She is a director of The Audience Agency’s trading subsidiary, TAA Tech Ventures.

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Audience-Centred Design

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