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Achieve meaningful creative and cultural change, working in place-based collaborations or partnerships.

Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of placeshaping. Whether you are a cultural or creative organisation, a local authority or strategic partnership, we understand that working together will generate greater impact.

How we work with...

... Cultural Organisations

As a cultural or creative organisation, we can support you to deepen your understanding of the creativity and people in your place, collaborate with local communities and partners, and assess your impact.

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... Local Authorities

If you are a local authority or strategic agency, we can help you to make creative place-making a reality for your industries and communities, whether your base is rural, coastal, suburban, urban or region-wide.

... Policy Makers

We work with decision makers to establish the needs of key strategic placeshaping policies, and deliver relevant, actionable insights through extensive research, collaboration and decades of in-field experience.

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