In February 2022 The Audience Agency, Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, and Centre for Cultural Value (commission by the UKRI's Arts and Humanities Research Council) published the landmark ‘Culture in Crisis’ report, summarised findings from a two year long world-leading investigation into the impact of COVID-19 on the creative and cultural sectors.

Today, ‘Culture in Crisis: Recommendations for Policy Makers’, marks the next step, building on the findings of the original report to set out 12 new interventions that UK Government, devolved administrations, and local authorities could make to support the rebuilding of the UK’s creative and cultural sectors in the wake of the devastating impact of Covid-19.

On 19 May 2022, the report was presented to senior policymakers within government and the creative and cultural industries, at a launch event in Parliament hosted by Baroness Blake of Leeds with a key note speech from UK Government's Minister for the Arts, Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay.

Download the report to see the recommendations in full

The Recommendations in Brief:

Workforce and Skills:

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in the creative and cultural sectors
  • Provide skills training to employees and management within the creative and cultural sectors
  • Establish ‘Creatives Connect’
  • Appoint a ‘Commissioner for Freelancers’
  • Develop a national ‘Freelance Charter’ for the creative economy

Purpose and Place:

  • Commission further research into the role of the creative and cultural sector in supporting local socio-economic needs
  • Support the establishment of a ‘Culture Forum’ in local and combined authority areas
  • Develop a “mission orientated” funding mechanism for culture

Innovation and Sustainability:

  • Develop a UK-wide “Digital Arts” strategy
  • Take an audience and participant led approach to creative and cultural policy interventions
  • Include ‘Arts, Humanities and Social Science’ research and development projects in the Government’s R&D tax relief programme
  • Prepare a clear pandemic and emergency response communications framework for the creative and cultural sector

Download the report to see the recommendations in full

Anne Torreggiani, The Audience Agency says:

We learned so much through the great experiment the pandemic threw us into. Many of these insights were captured by our research project, opportunities as well as real risks and inequalities. These recommendations put this learning to work, with concrete policy suggestions for a more secure, regenerative cultural sector better able to make vital contributions to communities, civic life and people’s well-being. It’s been amazing to work with this great, multidiscipline research team and Cultural Commons to focus on a better future.

Creative Commons says:

It's been a pleasure to work with the Centre for Cultural Value on such a hugely important topic that has raised vital questions for the future of the creative and cultural sectors. We're excited to share our recommendations today, which we hope offer new solutions not just to help the sectors recover following the damage of the pandemic, but to rebuild in a more sustainable and equitable way going forward."

Download the report to see the recommendations in full