The Audience Agency's specialist consultants can help you to identify, understand and grow your family audiences.

Drawing on our knowledge, robust audience data and research resources, we'll work with you to achieve your unique family audience goals.

We can help you to:

  • Take stock: Understand who your family audiences are and what you already know about them.
  • Identify challenges: Identify where your offer could resonate better with families and how to overcome engagement barriers.
  • Find new faces: Learn about untapped potential family audiences in your area and how to start engaging them.
  • Embrace differences: Consider how to cater for a broad range of contemporary families with a diverse set of needs.
  • Implement change: Develop a robust and resilient strategy for continuing to engage new family audiences.

Engaging Family Audiences | £1,750 + VAT 1.

1. Tailored diagnostic session

An initial one-on-one Skype or telephone session with a specialist consultant. Together, you will undertake a situational analysis to reflect on your current position, strengths and aspirations regarding family audiences.

2. Engagement Area Profile Report

A bespoke Engagement Area Profile Report will map the demographics and cultural engagement of active and potential family audiences in your local area. The report includes information relevant to specific audiences and themes, including families. Get a comprehensive breakdown of your local population by factors including:

  • Family size
  • Marital status
  • Household composition
  • Families with dependent children
  • Deprivation dimensions
  • Age composition and more...

3. Strategic planning workshop

An informal, discussion-based, half-day workshop, facilitated by one of our experts, to explore best practice around family engagement. Through reflecting on your strengths, challenges, population data and other insights, your team can develop the building blocks of your family engagement strategy.

4. Review and strategy outline

A summary report will capture discussions from the workshop and provide a road-map of the next steps towards achieving your family audience goals. We will also signpost you to a rich range of resources that can support the implementation and future development of your strategy.

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